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Let's do some practice! Have a go at this quiz. It's all about the use of these three tenses.

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When you've done that, go to the next page to do a quiz about the form of the three tenses. See you in a bit! Question 1 of 8. Question 2 of 8. Question 3 of 8. Question 4 of 8. Question 5 of 8. Question 6 of 8.

Question 7 of 8. Question 8 of 8. So far, so good Verbs of thinking and feeling , for example: hear, see, smell, hate, know, understand, believe, want, need are not usually used in the continuous form. I'm not understanding. I don't understand.

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Latest course content. Learn English Search. How do I Learn English. Open unit selector Close unit selector Unit 1 Pop-ups Select a unit 1 Pop-ups 2 Hidden talents 3 Can't buy me love 4 Travellers' tales 5 The colleague from hell 6 Jurassic mystery: unpacking the past 7 Career changes 8 Art 9 Project management 10 The dog ate my homework! Sessions Vocabulary reference Grammar reference.

Session 2 Review and extend your knowledge of the present simple, present perfect and present continuous tenses. Sessions in this unit 1 2 3 4 5. Activity 1. Activity 2. Activity 3. Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3.

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Activity 1 Present Tenses Review. First things first Read the text and complete the activity. Present simple We use the present simple for things that we do regularly and for facts, habits, truths and permanent situations. I check my email every day. They live in Rome. I don't eat meat.

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It doesn't usually snow in October. Why do you read the news online every day? Does the supermarket sell stamps? Just a minute. I'm seeing the doctor on Monday morning. Can I call you back later? What are you doing?

Is it raining? Present Perfect Use the present perfect for: 1 Life experiences in the past. We can use every to focus on each individual member. These sentences are basically the same thing. The main verb is invariable in present participle form: -ing.

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We CAN'T use the present perfect with a finished time word. Present perfect PDF Exercises with answers to download for free. Linguistic patterns, etymologies, jargon, and societal trends morph with time, paving the way for new definitions and contexts. Have something done - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Nine pages of activities related to apartments and houses vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing ; Answer Key attached Level: Intermediate to Advanced Approximate Time: - minutes total Simple Past or Present Perfect.

Past perfect: He had studied. What will I learn? The course is divided into 4 modules. But since the past simple is also technically before the present, this does not cover all the uses of the perfect aspect. What you get with ESL Library.

English Tenses Exercise - Grammar Practice

This is a worksheet suitable for intermediate studentsfor teaching the passive with past simple. We listed active and passive forms in the following table. He is blowing his nose. All elephants are slow. Read the web article about twins. Present Continuous for Future. In this amusing 'Have you ever? Simple present passive a house is built exercises. The present perfect continuous tense also known as the present perfect progressive tense shows that something started in the past and is continuing at the present time.

Like the continuous, there are three main perfect tenses: Present perfect: He has studied. Form and use of the present perfect continuous tense followed by an exercise in which students have to look at the pictures and complete the sentences using a suitable verb from the list provided in the Present Perfect Continuous. All sharks are dangerous. All rights reserved. Active and Passive forms. Grammar Discussion Practice. Which sentence is correct.

A student from Team A comes to the front of the class and is handed a mime card. To express a general truth Water boils at degrees. They live in a very nice house. I have been gardening since morning. For and since with present perfect sentences.